Mobile Development

Put your ideas into a mobile app and let other experience it.

Similar to developing a website, we have to go through a series of steps to be establish a mobile app. One very important point to highlight is that you need to have a website before you create an app.

Mobile Development Features :

1. Concept & Idea :

  • We are your goals for the app?
  • Who is intended to use the app?

2.Requirement Analysis :

  • We ask for details breaking down on what’s expected in the app.

3.Functional Design :

  • We begin creating a design for the App.
  • Ask you for your feedback.
  • Make necessary adjustments if required.

4.Responsive Design Development :

  • We begin constructing the app and insuring that it is compatible to fit on multiple mobile screens.
  • We link the back-end with the mobile app.

5. Cross-Device Testing :

  • We make the app compatible on both iOS and Android systems.

6.UAT (User Acceptance Testing) Implementation :

  • We begin testing the app with real life scenarios as quality assurance.
  • Upload the website to the server.
  • Make the final regression testing and launch the website.

7.Publish to Market :

  • We submit app to both the Apply & Play store to attain license

8. Maintenance and Regular Updating

  • Fix necessary bugs.
  • Keep the app maintained and up-to-date.