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Crown Prince Diwan Official Website & Mobile Apps
The Official Website & Mobile of His Highness the Crown Prince of Kuwait. Daily News, Activities, Achievements by his highness. The project was a big challenge to meet the highest standards could ever reached to meet the CPD IT Team criteria for perfect delivery.
UIGTC Website & Mobile Apps
The official website and Mobile Applications to United Interactive, listing all the company products and services plus an easy access to SMS platform for sending bulk SMS. User can create his own profile and personalized group of numbers, send immediately or he can schedule for later sending.
American Interactive Website
The official website for UIGTC’s sister company “American Interactive“ , based in Texas. Introducing the company different services and products in IT , Digital Marketing Solutions.
Ahmed Nabil Al Fadhel Website & Mobile Apps
The official website and mobile applications for the National assembly member “Ahmed Nabil Al Fadhel“, the website and mobile apps are working as a strong communication channel between him and his electors, by submitting daily news , activities, projects and press releases.
My Comments Website
Online social media platform, designed and developed to link Social Media accounts and start fetching comments / likes and further statistics on each and every published post.
Dagher & Hinnawi Website
The official website for Dagher & Hinnawi to list products from 11 famous international brands all over the world. The website is very supportive tool to list all the products categorized with respect to each brand. Users also can get direct links for their favorite brands and apply for the loyalty program .
Dagher & Co Website.
The official website for Dagher & Co to list products from 11 famous international brands all over the world. Listing products, promotions, gifts and further fancy services that users like to see in such listing websites. The website is controlled by a dynamic content management system.
alhadhabah website
The official website for alhadhabah - international company. the website is designed and developed to list all the electronic products and accessories of the company categorized be the customer needs. The website is acting and the official online identity for the company, represented to other potential customers.
Clinicas Website & Mobile Apps
A SMART pool of online clinics gathered in one place. The project is designed and developed to provide a qualitative service to mobile users , clinic admins and even for personal computer users. Users can book, confirm clinic booking by few clicks only.
Shgardy Mobile Apps
Smart Mobile application that provides a group of car services could be requested by any car owner. The project flow is done perfectly to provide the best service to any car owner can be requested outdoor / indoor with service tracking feature.
Kuwait National Mammography & Screening Program Mobile Apps
A SMART mobile application is designed to link 5 main medical centers with all Ladies interested in mammography following up. The application is providing also a medical information hub to push valued information about the mammography, despite the news feeds and the self breast exam sections, that are providing valued information to app users.
Al Rabeha Medical Website
The official website of Alrabea’a Medical Center, the website is designed to introduce the whole clinic departments, facilities and services. The website is very effective to get information about the staff and best timing for booking.
Bouhamra Clinic Website
The official website of Bouhamra Clinic, the website is considered one of the best practices of integrated content management solutions for web development, as the website is fully controlled by a dynamic CMS to add / update any of the website sections. The website is listing all the clinic services and timing for public.
Public Health Fund website
Identical Education School project is a website and mobile applications linking the parents, students, teachers and even school admins in one channel to provide proper updates and reports about students progress.
IES Website & Mobile Apps
A customized e-commerce solution made by high quality standards of security. the website is designed to give an easy access to all good doers to donate online in few steps and for multiple projects at the same time