SM marketing

However, we can break it down into 7 easy steps to help you understand how it’s done.

Google AdWords  Google AdWords
Facebook Ads Facebook Ads
Instagram Ads Instagram Ads

Social Media Ads Features :

1. Increase brand recognition :

  • Have traffic flow directly to your website by being the first website to pop up on search engines. Have followers and subscribers on social media recognize your name by being mentioned on their feed more often.

2. Improve brand loyalty :

  • Build brand loyalty with your followers by sharing content that gets their attention which leads to them preferring you over others

3. Higher conversion rates :

  • More social media recognition means more fol lowers are interested in finding out who you are. Lead them to a link to your website and watch your conversions grow.

4. Boost brand authority – Credibility :

  • Share content that projects your expertise to increase brand credibility.

5. Expand inbound traffic :

  • Get traffic from social media followers across the globe.

6. Lower your costs :

  • Save money by going digital and not physical with paper flyers or big posters.

7. Rank your SEO :

  • Having more recognition on social media will allow search engines to pick up your name.