Website Development

We know that creating a website for the first time may seem challenging.

However, we can break it down into 7 easy steps to help you understand how it’s done.

Web Development Features :

1. Information Gathering :

  • What are you goals for the website?
  • What audience are you trying to target with your content?

2. Planning :

  • We create a sitemap sketch and a wireframe or mockup for your website.
  • We select what programing language fits best for your needs.

3. Design :

  • We create a colorful website layout.
  • Ask you for your feedback.
  • Make necessary adjustments if required.

4. Content Writing & Assembly :

  • We create content to be put through the website
  • Or transfer over content that already exists tonality.

5. Coding :

  • We begin the coding process.
  • We add special features and interactivity.

6. Testing, Reviewing & Launching :

  • We test the functionality of the website.
  • Upload the website to the server.
  • Make the final regression testing and launch the website.

7. Maintenance & Regular Updates :

  • We create a user report system.
  • Fix necessary bugs.
  • Keep the website maintained and up-to-date