The core functionality of a messaging system in an application is to send notifications/messages to a user or a set of users. SMS is the most widely used mobile technology. 94 % of SMS sent, are read within five minutes of receiving — making it perfect for time-bound campaigns. SMS can work hand-in-hand with any other forms of marketing helping you to build an opt-in database.

SMS for marketing can be used by businesses and companies for many purposes. Whatever way a company or business chooses to utilize the functions of SMS for marketing, their primary objective is that SMS helps them to boost the sales of their products and increase clientele.

People are usually caught up in between their daily activities at work or at home. And it can sometimes feel like they are having too much information to take in. Therefore, Emails go unread, adverts ignored and leaflets discarded. SMS is small and simple and thus, gets the message across instantly without any delay.

Let us look at some of the advantages of mobile marketing:

  • Reaching a large number of audiences


Mobiles being used by a large number of people, it is very easy to reach a large number of people. So, the business does not need to be present physically in a region to explore the new markets. A proper mobile number database can give them a nice platform to reach a large number of potential customers.

In mobile marketing, like bulk SMS marketing, you can send the personalized messages to the customers. This will build a great impact on the minds of your potential customers. The businesses can build a long-term business relationship with customers by sending several special occasions messages like festivals, birthdays, discounts. In mobile marketing, you do not have to present long and difficult things. A short and simple message is the only need in mobile marketing.

  • Nice Return on Investment


Compared to the other traditional marketing methods, the mobile marketing requires less cost. The response in the mobile marketing is also very overwhelming. The customers can get a nice return on investment. The companies can definitely get the best results on the mobile marketing.

Since the first SMS was sent in 1992, no phone has not been able to receive and send text messages to this time, no matter how kind or intelligence or price is it, which means that all phones without exception will be able to receive your message, in addition to that, there is no need for a fixed connection to the Internet to be able to receive the SMS, unlike other social networking or chat applications.

This will give you access to all possible customers wherever they are, their categories, the type of phone they use and with or without an Internet connection, which will expand the segment of potential customers as well.

  • Gain customer confidence


According to a survey conducted by Marketing, 64% of customers think that businesses should use bulk SMS more than any other means of communicating with them and notifying them with offers, products and services. 70% of customers also see bulk SMS as the best way to get their attention Compared to other means of communication.

77% of customers also have a better impression of companies using short marketing messages than the others using other free services, where text messages, although costing less than other means, give them the impression that they are dealing with a company and not just a hobby group using free means to communicate with their customers.

  • These advantages


These advantages are just the tip of the iceberg, when you use bulk mobile number database, you will get to know its effectiveness better. Along with this, we also offer variety which makes this service even more appealing. There are various number of database that we provide our clients. We offer various kinds of database. You can choose any of them based in what you want to achieve.

Categorization of available database as follows
  • Nationality Groups:

Grouping the nationalities of individuals by groups of countries. For which there is among them a private association such as: language, geographical location. These internationally recognized groups, such as: (Arab / Asian countries non-Arab / African non-Arab countries / European countries … etc.)

  • Brief Nationality:

(Kuwaiti) and non-Kuwaiti), which represents the state that the person belongs politically name. Determine the nationality for Kuwaitis from the reality of Kuwaiti nationality certificate or prove Kuwaiti citizenship issued by the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior certificate, and for non-Kuwaitis determined by the State which issued the passport. which came by the name of the individual Kuwait incomes legitimate and has a residency stamp.

  • Gender:

The sex of the person in terms of being male or female.

  • Governorate:

The symbol that indicates the area of land determined by the official borders and clear the nature and include the preservation of a number of populated areas and supervised by administratively governor divided the State of Kuwait in administrative terms to six governorates (Asima / Hawalli / Ahmadi / Al Jahra / Al Farwaniya / Mubarrak AL Kabeer)

  • District:

SMS campaigns can be sent out selecting location of end recipients. Available areas provide sufficient possibilities to chose from as per requirements.

Find Below Some Statistics for Kuwait Database.

Kuwaitis and Non-Kuwaitis Database


Kuwaitis and Non-Kuwaitis

Database by Kuwaitis Governorates


As per gender of Kuwaitis & Non-Kuwaitis


Several clients uses United Interactive Marketing database for camapaigns. The best part about this service is its versatility. It can be used by everyone who is looking for great marketing. Some of our buyers are:
  • Marketing and Sales professionals
  • Businesses
  • Ministries
  • Health Departments
  • Career politicians

United Interactive verifies every database through different methods to ensure that the buyers get the most relevant contact numbers and can target their marketing or outreach campaigns in an effective manner. There is so much that this service can do but more than anything it provides potential clients for your business. It can be a challenge to create a base of loyal customers for your product. However, with our vast database. it will be a lot easier. So, if you want your brand to fly, then our services are the wings you need.

With the segmenting tool, you can easily create “subgroups” within your text marketing list. It based upon subscriber data like area, nationality, gender, location subscribed and more. It’s extremely powerful and extremely easy to use.

Unlike most other marketing strategies where once the contents of the campaign have been decided. There is no going back without incurring significant loss. SMS marketing allows you to change the contents of the text message at a moment’s notice. add, remove or even entirely change the subject matter and its accompanying theme as the client sees fit.


Despite the evolution of mobile phones and communications. Bulk SMS in Kuwait is one of the most powerful and cost-effective ways to reach customers. whatever the devices they use and without having a permanent Internet connection so they can receive your messages.

There is usually no easy way to contact the intended recipient and ask how effective or ineffective their marketing efforts have been so far.  SMS marketing can directly connect the businesses and its customer and allow them to gather precious user feedback or even go as far as taking orders. SMS marketing creates a personal channel between the business and its customers. which makes it easier to retain clients for the long term and return business.It does all that at an extremely affordable rate. while almost guaranteeing a good return on what little initial investment that is required.

UIGTC provides you with all the features mentioned above and more with an easy-to-use platform and dashboard that will enable you to reach customers anytime, anywhere around the world with easy and widespread payment methods

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