Have you ever thought about the cuticle differences between Rasmus Lerdorf’s PHP Programming language and Guido van Rossum’s Python? Well As far as the two men’s first and last names are somehow similar (Rasmus\ Rossum) ;), their programming creations are not. First, let us clarify the source of them. Starting from the British financial Grant given to Charles Babbage, 1823, in order to start implementing his programming theory, the world’s first bratty useless endeavor, before the English Ada Lovelace, the world’s first programmer (at the most superficial meaning) publishing her first algorithm,1843, in which intended to be carried out by such a machine. At that time, the industry of computer programing was very hard (low-level-programing-languages). And after a continuously expeditiously developing, till 1945, the German Konrad Zuse developed, Plankalkül, the world’s first (high-level programming language) to be designed for a computer, in other words, the world’s first USEABLE programming language! After that, the gate opened to the innovation of programming language. Visual Basic, C++, Objective-C, Swift, MATLAB, Groovy, and so on so forth. A massive number of them can be counted, but fortunately today we are considering only two most popular languages to differentiate between.

Sorry for that heavy flaw of information, now let us get back to our main compassion.

First, we need to know that, it’s not that general, Programming languages can’t stand by itself describing PHP and Python, for that it has a lot of other subsections. Like, Functional Programming Language, Object-oriented Programming Language, Logic Programming Language, and finally, Scripting Programming Language the one that can precisely define our focused two languages.

What is a Scripting language?

As both of our gusts, PHP and Python, are types of Scripting languages, which is deferent from other programming languages, we need to set a description for them before we begin our comparison. A scripting or script language is a programming language for a special run-time environment that automates the execution of tasks, the tasks could alternatively be executed one-by-one by a human operator. Scripting languages are often interpreted (and not compiled). Which means they can’t be used alone to build a fully functioning website or program, without other types of programming languages.


PHP or the Hypertext Preprocessor:

Personal Home Page, as Rasmus Lerdorf’s preferred to call it, is the most popular scripting language in the world today. Being used to develop the most popular Social Media site Facebook and other important Outputs like Google search engine. However, PHP is a Server-Side Scripting Language, which means that it needs to be translated using a specific server, as it has been originally designed for Web Development like HTML based sits. It’s an open-source language, which means anyone can download it and start using it for free. The other great thing about being an open-source language is that developers can Edit, Modify it, thus, it’s always subject to development. Mostly PHP is used to build the dynamic web pages, as an outer server translates to a usable user interface.


Python the “batteries included” language:

This language is bratty newer than PHP. Developed originally to ease developers’ work, as offering them lots of already-build-libraries contains thousands of functions, and this is the reason behind the “Batteries Language” nomination.  This language’s main power comes from the ease and simplicity of its code. It is supervised by Python Software Foundation, who’s working constantly developing it, making it completable with other programming languages. Python mostly used for scientific and mathematical fields, because of language libraries for data analysis and modeling, as well as, a set of packages for mathematics, science, and engineering. Among programmers, Python is mostly known for its machine learning libraries which enables them to implement lots of smart-machines related algorithms.


Type of language:

Well as we mentioned before, both PHP and Python, are scripting programming languages, which means they both are Server-Side Scripting Languages, need to be translated by an outer server called in the programming world “The Interpreter” to be a visual user’ interfaces.


 Another similarity could be that the two of them are open source languages, which lead us to the next analogy, that they are both, free of charge, and can be modified by users. In terms of use, their main use is for web development, as well as, integrating with another programming languages like JAVA, JAVASCRIPT, or Perl, etc.…

Learning capability:

When it comes to learners, it’s easy to learn both languages compared to other languages like C++, Perl, etc. Moreover, they are compellable with all computer software, for that both have what called IDEs for all major computer operating systems which add extra mobility and diversity.



More than 80% of modern sites depend on PHP. Unlike PHP, Python was designed from the beginning as a complete stack programming language, unrelated to web development, but developers find it good to be used in web developing. And this is the reason it’s not very popular in the web development field, as less than 1% of websites have been created using Python.


 Python is oriented towards the look or feel, it separates the functions of the program and divides the program into units, while, PHP is oriented to the object, it contains code units that contain specific functions and data within specific objects. 

Resulted Output:

Programming with Python, the result will be separate functional units, then the developer must link between them using “if-then”. In other words, it results in an algorithm that implements the program based on the user’s actions. On the other hand, the PHP programmer creates an integrated code object that contains specific properties and performs certain actions based on user input, so no need for external links to operate the program interface. 

Best at:

Python is better than PHP, in that it’s stronger when it comes to, computer application programming it is the best. as PHP can’t compete in this, but it was originally created to support web applications so it’s more applicable in this area, notwithstanding, the fact that, Python supports a graphical user interface thus, it could be used for web development nether.


Python has the primacy in commands simplicity, as most of its commands are similar to the corresponding words in natural English, making it much easier to learn and to use. PHP commands are much more complicated. 


Another main consideration is that, PHP is a strictly controlled programming language, while Python is very flexible.


PHP OR Python?

Well, it doesn’t count by any mean like that, you can’t just pick up the one you most want to work with ignoring the other. if we are going to set some which-one-to-use determining methods, then the first criteria would be the question; what do you want to do using it? The project you’re going to be programming with one of those languages. As each one of them is better doing specific kinds of tasks. And the other criteria for (if you are a learner) is the market need, or the language popularity in a specific market rather than the other.






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