The Magic of Instagram SEO

Instagram may have initially gained popularity as a photo-sharing platform, but today its value extends beyond its digital scrapbook capabilities. With over 500 million daily active accounts worldwide, 80% of Instagram accounts belong to businesses, establishing itself as a respected networking and branding tool. If you thought Instagram and business don’t mix very well, think again!

While Google does index Instagram channels on the web, it does not currently hold any merit in SEO ranking influence.This doesn’t mean, however, that there is a lack of SEO Instagram tips to be taken advantage of.The efforts to distribute useful organic content can positively affect visibility and indirectly improve your ranking.

After being integrated into Facebook, Instagram has gotten much bigger, which made a lot of big brands to take notice of its potential to capture the audience’s interest. The impact and importance of Instagram as a marketing tool have been well-stated, and there are a good number of ways you can make it work with your brand. Here are some of the most effective strategies you can use to optimize your brand’s Instagram account.

There are a myriad of factors that impact the way in which Google and other search engines rank your site. The big hitters, like keyword loading and link building naturally receive a lot of attention from digital marketers, but one widely neglected is Instagram SEO and how it can propel your site up the rankings.

Although Instagram does not have a direct connection to the major search engines, in the sense that activity there has an immediate or direct impact on your rankings. Social engagement is a byproduct of quality content, which in turn generates inbound links, mentions, lower bounce rates and increased dwell time… which are all SEO signals that Google cares about

With that in mind, here’s some sure-fire Instagram SEO tactics that will help climb the rankings and get more sets of eyeballs on your website.

Instagram Is a Search Engine

If you type Rihanna into Google, her official website is sandwiched between Twitter (ranking higher than her own site) and Instagram (ranking just below). Search engines drive traffic to social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter all the time. So take advantage and make sure your brand’s account has a fully fleshed-out profile with the information most relevant to that social audience.

Think about native search within the Instagram interface. Users can search on:

  • People (by name or username)
  • hashtags
  • places

According to Instagram help, search results are based on various factors, including the people you follow, who you’re connected to, and what photos and videos you like

Optimization Searches within Instagram

If, according to your metrics, most of your page views come from Instagram users, then optimizing your page to perform better with in-platform searches might be best. There are a few ways to optimize your Instagram content to attract searchers within Instagram:

Refine your username: The words in your Instagram username are searchable, and are an important way for people to find you. Be sure to add specifics like your industry, location, or specialization – these should be the first things people see.

Use hashtags: When used correctly, hashtags are an excellent way to make your page discoverable. Check out Instagram’ s Q&A on hashtags, and try to build them into every one of your posts or stories.

Add location tags: Location tags also help to gather views by making your content more specific. Hit the sticker icon at the top of the story screen, and start tagging! Make sure you add a location on your posts as well.

Be deliberate about your photos: Instagram uses image recognition technology to scan your photos and match search results accordingly. Make sure your photos are of a consistently high quality, and make it clear what the main subject of each photo is.

Use mentions: Mentioning other users is a great way to optimize your page for in-platform searches. Using mentions creates a web of connections between your page and other users, and can help increase your page’s ranking.

Add alt text to photos: Adding text to photos isn’t just a great way to help viewers navigate your page. It also helps make your content more visible and accessible to searchers within Instagram.

Optimization of Searches outside Instagram

you want to attract views from general web users rather than just other Instagram users; you should optimize your Instagram page to better match search engine SEO criteria.

Grab a pencil, and we’ll show you how.

There are a few ways to optimize your Instagram page to attract views from outside the platform:

Set your profile to public: Obvious, right? Unfortunately, it’s not unheard of for people to forget to switch their settings to public, especially if they started out using the ‘Gram for personal stuff. Just in case, double-check your settings.

Research keywords and hashtags: For web searchers, it isn’t just about using any old keyword or hashtag – you need to do your research to make sure they’re the right ones. While you’re at it, check out how to increase your keyword saturation to boost views.

Use keywords in your bio: Keywords aren’t just important for your posts and stories – your bio should have keywords to direct web searchers your way. Just make sure you don’t overdo it – keyword stuffing can have the opposite effect!

Learn what people like: Search engines give preference to pages that have been viewed a lot. Know which of your Instagram posts or stories have been most popular, and produce more content in a similar vein.

Use a social profile schema for Instagram: With Google, you can use a markup to let web searchers know which social media profiles are yours. This helps people find your profiles.

Take Advantage of Instagram Stories

A feature that allows users to post photos and short videos that last over a 24-hour period, Instagram Stories has now become the most used feature in the platform. This helps keep users updated on current events and happenings of their fellow users. For digital marketers, this is a powerful tool that can be used to help promote their brand using the platform.

The current edition of Instagram stories has added features like polls, live video, GIFs, a “swipe up” feature, and more filter options that allow for more creativity. Numerous brands have taken notice of this wonderful feature and have used it to promote things such as upcoming and current events, new products, or important announcements.

The great thing about Instagram Stories is the ability for users to send in their messages, and the option to swipe up to access certain pages. The convenience of sending in messages directly allows your brand to be able to respond to various inquiries as soon as soon as your story has been posted. The “Swipe Up” option allows users to visit different web pages, which is a great way to increase traffic to your main website.

Overall, using Instagram Stories is an effective way of marketing your brand online, and increase audience engagement and traffic.

Instagram Live Video

The number of live video streaming platforms has increased over the years, with the likes of Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter all offering live video services to their users. Instagram has Live on Instagram, which allows to stream videos live from account.

Upon starting, Instagram would notify the followers of your account, which helps increase the number of viewers who can interact with you, which can also help in spreading the word to their fellow users. Live video will be used in different events like press conferences, announcements, and even concerts. While it may be simple in design, Live on Instagram allows you to start live videos in an instant.

Not All Content Is Created Equal

Content plays an extremely important role in social strategy. Keep what you share current and relevant to your audience and your brand. If you want to get the most out of Instagram’s SEO value, don’t take shortcuts.

Earn your followers organically by cultivating your shared content to relate and pertain to those who follow your account. Create engaging images that improve the lives of those who see them. Remember, all Instagram users are potential customers and leads, so treat them with respect by giving them the type of content that will be a benefit to their experience.

Now that you understand how SEO and Instagram are more intertwined than you may have originally thought, it’s time to make some changes to your branding!

Make sure your business name and description match your brand values. Update your contact information and add a link that redirects to your website. Optimize your content to match the needs of your users, implement strategic ways to grow your audience, and do some research surrounding the hashtags you use. Watch those double taps convert into real-time leads!

Social Media and SEO Go Hand in Hand

Instagram doesn’t have a direct connection to the major search engines in the sense that activity there has an immediate or direct impact on your rankings. You want to optimize your Instagram profile to ensure that people can discover your content there. Be active and engaged there because the increase in traffic and backlinks to your site that could come from your Instagram activity could indirectly improve your rankings. However, expecting Instagram to help you rocket to number one in Google is unrealistic.

Instagram users are not so interested in promoting themselves, and in fact Instagram actually blocks search engines from indexing your Instagram images. The profiles themselves can still be indexed, but the images are not.

This represents a major hurdle for marketers hoping to get additional traffic to their Instagram account from the search results, but the hurdle is not insurmountable.

Unlike other social media, Instagram doesn’t let you share links. On the photo sharing platform, the only place you can put a link to your website is your profile info. And while this might simply provide a slight boost for a brand with established online presence, it is a must for a business that’s just setting their web persona.

Instagram is also a website that ranks on Google. If you have an established brand and you register an Instagram account, chances are your profile on the social media will appear higher than your newly built website.

We understand that having 5 or 6 different social media platforms isn’t always practical or manageable. Each social ecosystem — including your own website’s content — requires careful tending. creating a simple profile that’s well set up. It should include links to all the relevant places, with a current logo, the right hashtags etc. Then set a reminder to review your social profiles at least semiannually.

How To Go About It

Instagram is one of the best platforms for gaining new followers and engaging with your audience. However, that’s not the only benefit it provides. If you can do it right, Instagram will also provide a massive increase of people who know about your brand.

That new visibility then leads them to start searching for more information. You can start by increasing the number of real, authentic lifestyle shots on your account. It turns out, people like other people. So feature people in your company or even your customers themselves.

Run giveaways and promotions to increase  number of people who find about you for first time. You can even work with influencers who already have massive audiences, so you’re not the only one promoting your brand.

Despite better engagement rates than its competitors, photo sharing platform often at the bottom for most brand executives. This is primarily due to the lack of making direct sales via links.

the platform lacks in link sharing it more than makes up for online brand presence opportunities. With an Instagram profile, you won’t need to perform heavy-duty SEO.

Going further, most often you don’t even have to consider what you write on your posts. Yet, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t optimize for the algorithms at work on your Instagram feed.

Start strategically using hashtags a way to increase number of people who discover your brand. It often takes a combination of these techniques, over time, to start building momentum.

However, the result is not just followers, likes, or comments. But more importantly, new searches and sales, too.

  • When is your audience most active?
  • What posts grant the most engagement?
  • What are the latest trending hashtags within your industry?

These are all questions you have to answer, before posting on Instagram.