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In an article published by the New-York-Times</a rel=”noopener noreferrer”>, based on several studies and statistics, the newspaper emphasis that the world is heading towards a widespread social phenomenon of high rates of communication via SMS and other messaging platforms at the expense of phone calls, specifically among youth groups and business owners.

In several interviews with users asking them whether they prefer to use phone calls or text messages, the majority of their answers revolved around their preference for text messages over phone calls because it gave them more time to think about the appropriate response or, in other words, did not force them to respond.

Would you rather receive a text message or a phone call? This was a question to a group of volunteers in a research conducted by CNN’s author and journalist Amy Gahran, the vast majority of the responses suggested their preference for receiving a particular ad or offer in an SMS message instead of receiving phone calls from advertisers.

In the United States, according to BusinessWire, studies have shown that 89% of adults prefer to use business messages instead of phone calls.

SMS messages are more useful for personal communication between individuals:


Several very useful aspects predictable for users in terms of using SMS messages for personal communication. As firstly, its relatively low cost compared to phone calls and its ability to give users more time to respond are very important factors that phone calls cannot provide for them.

Besides, communication via SMS does not require the availability of the receiver at the same time the sender conduct the communication, as your message reaches his phone in any case, and it remains for him to reach it and read it to reply as soon as he is available. Also, the possibility of getting back to it anytime for a piece of information or number.

For example, can also be considered as an additional feature that is not provided by phone calls whose content is exposed to be forgotten or misconceived.

SMS messages benefits for business use:

Flipping the picture, we can see that everything advantageous to the users of SMS messages over phone calls is in a way or another advantageous for business owners. How so? Taking into consideration that most of the users prefer SMS messages over phone calls, the use of SMS services to communicate with customers is more effective than any other means.

According to the specialized marketing site (MarketingProfs) 64% of customers show special respect for companies that provides SMS communication services with them, instead of frequent phone calls, which in turn are irritating for more than 90% of them according to statistics observed on Franchise Help website.

In addition, SMS messages reach users’ phones as a normal message, such as any message you may receive from friends or relatives, as opposed to phone calls or emails which are usually filtered by telecommunication and e-mail service providers and classified as insignificant or fraudulent content (spam), which means it won’t reach the client directly.

and for the side of its ability to convince customer of what business owners or advertiser offers, a study conducted by Gartner, a global research and consulting firm, found that more than 45% of SMS messages with ad content receive a response, compared to the percentage of e-mails (with advertising content) which is estimated at most 6%.

Bottom line:

The world is on the verge of an era of text messaging, and we are increasingly moving away from the use of phone calls that some have counted as a nuisance when they are stuck in business or advertising.

SMS messages are almost the most effective and targeted communication tool nowadays, they are preferred by most users and they do not face any obstacle to their access to any potential or polarized entity.

Besides, SMS messages have proven to be preferable to reaching more people, as studies have shown that making a single phone call with a customer is equivalent in terms of time and cost to making ten SMS communications with 10 other customers.

However, only 48% of international companies currently equipped to use their own SMS services, so several other companies have set up to provide them with very useful costs.


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