Location Based SMS

Send out a bulk customizable message that targets a certain location or a specified audience demography such as gender, age, or even nationality.

Location Based SMS

  • 1. You can notify customers in a mall or in a city to be aware of sales, promotions, or events coming soon or are currently going on now.

  • 2. You can reach out to a targeted audience within a specific age group, nationality, or gender for a product or service that meets their demand.

  • 3. You can customize bulk SMS messages to be sent out to different cities, each with a different message.

  • 4. You can limit the amount of reach who receive SMS messages in a targeted area and limit your monetary budget.

  • 5. You can alert individuals through a text message to be aware of a nearby danger.

Applied for Following Business Models

Retail Business
Service Based Buisiness
Event Based Businesses – Malls or recreation centers 

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